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Hi, I'm CuppaJava.
But you can call me Cuppa!

I make bots for OSRS on
This is my website. It's a work in progress. I'll add more stuff later.

Cuppa Corrupted Gauntlet Cuppa Gauntlet Cuppa Guardians of the Rift Cuppa Scurrius Cuppa Agility AIO Cuppa Motherlode Mine Cuppa Tempoross Cuppa Pickpocket Cuppa Forestry Woodcutter Cuppa Hunter AIO Cuppa Miner AIO Cuppa Karambwans Cuppa Smelter AIO Cuppa Smither AIO Cuppa Anglerfish Cuppa Shopper AIO Cuppa Minnows Cuppa Fishing Trawler Cuppa Rogues Den Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] Cuppa Agility Pyramid Cuppa Blast Mining Cuppa F2P Runecrafter Cuppa ItemCollector [BETA] Cuppa Chompy Hunting Cuppa Stealing Artefacts Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] Cuppa Museum Quiz Cuppa LavaSteamSmoke Craft-Run Cuppa Saltpetre Shoveler